A computer with the internet is the most powerful device that children can use to learn new skills, obtain new knowledge, prepare for school or play some games. But computers and the gaming world can be so addicting. That's why we created MyLittleGamer. to help parents manage their children's daily screen time in the easiest and most effective way possible.

Creation of MyLittleGamer

Beginning in 2020, the MyLittleGamer application was put into development. It was initially designed mainly for the creator's personal use, but as it turned out throughout development, many other parents had the same issue. As a result, it was agreed that the application would be created as a universally accessible solution. At the end of March 2020, the first test version was released following several months of development. After a year of constant development, testing, adjustments, and upgrades, MyLittleGamer, s.r.o. was established.

Who we are

We are a Czech software company founded for the development and maintenance of the MyLittleGamer application. The company was founded by Petr Provazník, the creator of MyLittleGamer, a senior programmer and IT enthusiast with more than 20 years of professional experience in the IT field.

Where we are

The company's main office is located in the Czech Republic in the city of Brno.

The Czech Republic, also called Czechia, is a country located in central Europe. Its capital city is Prague.

What we do

We are currently focusing on developing and improving the MyLittleGamer application. We want to add new and interesting features and improve existing ones. Your comments and ideas are important to us, so don't be afraid to write to us. When we receive comments or ideas, we try to analyze them and potentially include the results in our development. We are parents too, and we use MyLittleGamer as well.

What matters to us

It is important to us that our applications are always maximally secure, fast, easy to understand and use. Therefore,
  • We do not require or store any unnecessary data.
  • Our applications, such as MyLittleGamer for Windows, are non-invasive.
  • We do not change any system settings.
  • We do not force users to install or use any VPNs.
  • We do not force users to install or use any third-party apps.
  • You will never come across any annoying ads on our website or applications.
  • We are only using what is already available on your Windows computer.
  • Everything is as simple and safe as possible.