MyLittleGamer is a powerful tool, parental solution, that helps manage daily screen time and keeps track of user activity and productivity.

Limiting screen time helps prevent computer and game addiction.


Most important features

Screen Time

You can limit computer screen time by using points. Every point is equivalent to one minute of computer use time. These points are given by parents to their children.


You can send messages to be displayed on the computer as well as receive messages from little gamers. In addition, the content of the message can be read using synthetic voice.

Real-time reports

View real-time online activity reports for your little gamer, showing what games he played or what programs he used, how often and for how long.

Weekly summaries

View real-time online reports of your little player's activity, showing what games have been played or what programs have been used over the last day, week and month.

Activity Monitor

The activity monitor is used to monitor in real time what games your little gamer has played, what programs he has used or which internet browser he has used.

Productivity Monitor

You can monitor and analyze the user's productivity and find out, for example, how long he/she spends working, playing, studying, etc.

Weekly Planner

This allows parents to easily schedule or limit the hours for every day of the week during which their kids can use the computer and play their favorite games.

Screen Overlay

If your little gamer runs out of time or tries to use the computer at an unscheduled time, the computer screen is overlaid with your custom message.


You can choose from several different looks. In addition, the theme can also change automatically, according to important events (holidays, etc.).

Application Blacklisting

Decide which games and applications can be used. You can add unwanted applications to the blocked list.


Receive a notification every time a selected application or game is detected running on your little gamers' computer.

Advanced control

You can use advanced control, such as remotely put little gamer's computer to sleep.